Q: What is KDA Design + Architecture (KDA D+A)?

A: It is a freelance design + architecture service of Architect Kristoffer Diaz Aquino, uap. It primarily offers architectural design. It also offers physical planning, interior architecture, feasibility packaging and consultancy.


Q: Since KDA D+A is a freelance design + architecture service, does it issue official receipt?

A: Yes! KDA D+A issues an official receipt.


Q: By the way, does KDA D+A have an office.

A: No, KDA D+A doesn't have an office as of this time.


Q: KDA D+A primarily offers Architectural Design service. What about the engineering requirements of the projects?

A: For the engineering requirements for our projects, KDA D+A collaborates with engineering consultants.


Q: For the Architectural Design Service, does the professional fee cover the engineers' fees?

A: No. The Architectural Design Service only reflects the architect's professional fee. It doesn't package his fee covering the engineers' fees. This gives more transparancy to clients.