Jan. 19, 2016

Scope of Works of Architecture and Engineering Design Service

The Architects’ Architecture and Engineering Design Services is divided into four stages:


Stage 1: Schematic Design Phase      

The Architect consults with the Client to the ascertain requirements of the project.

The Architect’s team shall conduct extensive research and analysis to aid in preparing the recommended solution.

The Architect’s team prepares schematic design studies leading to a recommended solution.


Stage 2: Design Development Phase              

The Architect’s team prepares from the approved Schematic Design studies the plans, elevations, other visuals, materials and finishes

The Architect coordinates with his Engineering Design team as to the type of engineering designs and works may be required for the project.


Stage 3: Contract Document Phase    

The Architect’s team prepares the Architectural Working Drawings.

The Architect submits the architectural drawings to the Engineers. The Engineers then shall prepare Engineering Working Drawings needed for the project.

The Architect submits complete sets of Architectural and Engineering Drawings in blueprint.

The Architect prepares copies of Specifications,  General Conditions and  Estimated Bill of Materials.


Stage 4: Construction Phase (IF Bidding will not take place)

The Architect’s team prepares Change Orders when needed.

The Architect or his representative shall make periodic visits to the site and shall report to the Client defects and deficiencies noted in the work of Contractors and Specialized Contractors.

The Architect issues Certificate of payment based on the accomplishments of the Contractor.