Includes schematic design, design development, contract documentation and construction phase for buildings.

  • Schematic Design- creating architectural solutions based on client’s needs and requirements
  • Design Development- creating architectural drawings based on solutions
  • Contract Documentation- production of architectural blueprints, specifications and quantity
  • Construction Phase- site visits


Covers site profiling, analysis, conceptualization, and layout and planning of large parcels of land.

  • Profiling- ocular inspection to determine the physical, biological and other elements within and surrounding the site.
  • Analysis- identifying the best use of the site based on the profile.
  • Conceptualization- developing the general design in line with the best use of the site.
  • Layout- concrete concepts
  • Planning- detailed version of the layout


Covers conceptualization and design of interior spaces including finishes and specifications of furniture, fixtures and equipment.


Professional advice for your architectural needs on a per day, per month, per project or retainer basis.